A flash of lightning.

Jackie Mecke


About Jackie

Jackie Mecke has the reputation of being one of the best mediums in Hereford. Jackie has been on many investigations with Haunted Hereford. The first investigation Jackie joined us on was The Temple Bar Inn in October 2008 followed by Halloween at Coningsby Museum and The Oxford Arms. Jackie always comes up with substantial amount of information on has even been known to surprise people with a random on the spot reading, she done this to Paul Kershaw from Wyvern Fm.

Jackie is based in Hereford and works at Healing Earth , below is abit about Jackie .

" Hi my name is Jackie Mecke As a child growing up I always saw Spirit, as my mother did and her mother before her, but I can hear as well as see them. My great grandmother was a very good medium as was my grandmother on my father's side. All of them were spiritualists and fortune tellers. I feel able to connect with people's emotions and life forces to find the real issues in their lives. I call it "Spiritual Healing" which enables me to feel and read energies and also their auras. In addition, I do Oracle readings which are a "weather forecast" for your future. I have been taught by Spirit themselves, not from books. It is my job to help people find themselves and to allow their spiritual and physical self to walk hand in hand. I aim to bring peace and comfort in connecting them to their families on the other side."

Jackie's - Healing Earth